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The Rights Company was established in 2000. We are specialized in representing nonfiction and fiction authors who have powerful stories to tell. Our strength lies in the fact that we do not handle a truckload of books, but rather a selective number of authors from Germany and the Netherlands who already have bestsellers in their native countries. Our clients are accomplished experts in their fields, celebrities, and first-time authors with an exceptional story or message to share. We have worked with global bestselling and award-winning authors, and look forward to bringing more exciting and successful new voices to international markets.

Exclusive Authors

We are proud to present our bestselling authors.

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Here you can find a brief description of our bestselling titles. Please, contact us, if you wish to receive reading samples.

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Exclusive Authors

We are proud to present our bestselling authors.

Author Bodo Schäfer

Bodo Schäfer

Bodo Schäfer was born in Cologne (Germany) on September 10, 1960. At age 16, he emigrated to the USA. After attending high school in California, ...
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Author Petra Bock

Petra Bock

Dr. Petra Bock (Berlin, 1970) is public speaker, author, and management advisor, and one of the most remarkable coaches in Germany. She has wr...
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Author Ivo Brouwers

Ivo Brouwers

Ivo Brouwers (born in 1960) works at the university in his hometown of Maastricht in the Netherlands.
After almost a decade of searching for...
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