How we sabotage ourselves, and how we can prevent it

Every day, we are victims of MINDFUCK: We do this by trying to please others while forgetting our own needs. We criticize and depreciate ourselves, follow rigid rules instead of confidently following our own paths, and constantly undermine our possibilities.

Petra Bock has analysed this phenomenon of mental self-sabotage. She explains the seven thought patterns that generate MINDFUCK, where they come from, and how to overcome them in order to finally achieve our true potential and improve our lives. What the author describes in her book is a ground-breaking, self-contained intellectual and occupational coaching approach which is scientifically sound and valid. It is definitely not a spiritual or esoteric life coaching approach, but rather follows one of the fundamental principles of the Enlightenment, which is perceived and valued in respectable psychotherapeutic circles. Very likely, it is the first approach purely derived from coaching sessions rather than a psychotherapeutic background, with practical methodology.

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Petra Bock - Mindfuck
Petra Bock - Mindfuck

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Original title: MINDFUCK - Warum wir uns selbst sabotieren und was wir dagegen tun können
First published in 2011 by Droemer Knaur
Hardcover 256 pages
Author: Petra Bock
ISBN 978-3-426-65507-8