Kira and the Core of the Donut

Kira und der Kern des Donuts

Money, the talking dog, is back. Readers will be familiar with Kira and her talking Labrador, Money, from the bestseller Ein Hund namens Money (A Dog Called Money). Now the story continues.
Kira travels to America, where an exciting adventure and fascinating people await. But not everyone has the best of intentions.

There is a moral to the story, though: Kira learns what life is really about. She discovers seven lessons that help to build good character. And of course she gets plenty of help along the way. This time, it’s a magical magnifying glass that allows the photos to speak.

The exciting book packed with humour shows kids and adults how the seven character-building lessons can come up in everyday life:

  • Kindness
  • Responsibility
  • Motivating others
  • Helping and giving
  • Gratitude
  • Learning
  • Reliability
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Kira and the Core of the Donut

2 million copies sold

Original title: Kira und der Kern des Donuts
Published by Bodo Schäfer Akademie: 
7th edition 2016
Hardcover with illustrations, 228 pages
Author: Bodo Schäfer
ISBN 978-3-936135-48-0