Dimitri Balcaen

Dimitri Oliver Balcaen was born on February 24, 1989, in Bruges and is recognized as a Belgian novelist and accomplished screenwriter.

In 2018, Dimitri debuted his two-part children's series Sisters of the Atom. Following counsel from the esteemed Belgian children's author Dirk Bracke, he embarked on a remarkable journey, releasing a third novel that same year, an inspired creation based on an old manuscript. The result was Peter & Pan, a captivating fusion of the beloved childhood narrative of Peter Pan with the enchanting tapestry of Greek mythology. 

In 2020, the first volume in a seven-part series called Grimoire was published. These stories are aimed specifically at young people struggling with psychosocial issues such as autism, eating disorders, anxiety disorders and depression.

As the current juncture unfolds, Dimitri is devoted to nurturing the growth of The Observatory and Grimoire series, with constellation of forthcoming books poised to grace the literary landscape.  

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Peter & Pan

How peter became pan 

How far would you go to save your child? For James Barrie and his crew, the answer to that question was simple: As far as it takes. Brave countless dangers with them and discover once and for all how Peter became Pan in the beginning of this exciting trilogy.

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Peter & Wendy

the original story

In his search for new friends, Peter Pan stumbles upon the curious Wendy Darling and her brothers John and Michael. Soon he decides to take them with him, which will lead to the greatest adventure of their lives.

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Peter & Hook

the final days

Moira Darling, Wendy's last descendant, receives an unexpected visit from a fairy who drags her into a grand adventure. Together with Pan's son, she tries to prevent the downfall of Neverland. But who or what lurks behind the rot spreading across the island?

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The gods of tomorrow

A year after a mysterious fire burned down their institution, Finn Zhao returns to Neverwick, reuniting with old friends. His journey takes him to Asgard, where he joins the Valdar, the Gods of Tomorrow, alongside Gwen, Tristan, and Emma. They discover a disturbing reality: magical children imprisoned in the Wyrm's Nest, hitting close to home.

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the barren world

A year after Gunnar's attack, Finn's friends are still looking for a way to bring him back home, when they unexpectedly receive a message from their comrade. He is trapped in the world of the Giants and only they can save him now.

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The Observatory

the eighty-ninth witch

88 witches. There will always be that many at the observatory. But when the initiation suddenly reveals one witch too many, the search begins for the eighty-ninth witch.

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Dimitri Balcaen

Books lacking meaning are mere echoes. Through every tale I weave, I aspire to connect with those seeking understanding.
Dimitri Balcaen