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The Rights Company was founded in 2000. We specialize in representing nonfiction and fiction authors who have powerful stories to tell.

Our strength lies in the fact that we do not handle a truckload of books, but rather a selective number of authors, mainly from Germany and the Netherlands who already have bestsellers in their native countries. Our clients are accomplished experts in their fields, celebrities, and first time authors with an exceptional story or message to share. We have worked with global bestselling and award-winning authors, and look forward to bringing more exciting and successful new voices to international markets.

Foreign Rights Agent

About Cécile

My name is Cécile Oomen: born and raised in Maastricht and a literary agent in heart and soul. I love to travel around the world and get to know many different cultures. And no matter where I travel, I always visit the local bookstores. My love for books goes back to my childhood. I used to save all my pocket money to go to the local bookstore to buy a new book every month. As soon as I got home, I had this ritual where I would hold my freshly acquired treasure in my hands for a moment and then sniff the whole book by turning the pages quickly one after the other. I tended to delay the actual reading because I was afraid I would finish it too fast.

In 1993 I moved to Cologne, Germany. In that period, I worked for an agency that organized big events for well-known speakers and authors around the globe. When I moved back to my hometown of Maastricht in 2000, I started selling the rights of one single bestselling author. Soon I added more exceptional authors and titles to my list. I feel blessed: I have a job that enables me to collaborate with authors, publishers and agencies in over 30 countries.

About Tara

I am Tara Janssens, a foreign rights agent at TRC and a language enthusiast. When traveling, I always make it my mission to speak the local language as much as possible. With four years of Chinese language study under my belt, including half a year in Beijing at the Beijing University of Technology (北京工业大学), I developed an understanding of the intricacies of language and the value of cross-cultural communication.

My curiosity and love for learning are evident in my frequent trips to bookstores, where I eagerly explore new titles and immerse myself in different cultures through literature. I joined The Rights Company's team in 2020 for my graduate internship as an Oriental languages and Communication student and simply never left. My passion for connecting people through language and literature makes my job not just a career but a deeply fulfilling and meaningful endeavour.