Peter & Hook

The Final Days

Part 3 of 3

In Neverland, as time returns to normal, the island withers. Hedone, the mother of all fairies, senses this. She seeks aid from a cloaked figure. With dwindling power, Hedone creates a final fairy, tasking her with finding those who can halt the impending disaster.
Moira Darling, motherless and adrift, discovers a crucial book among her mother's possessions. Written by Wendy's descendants, the book becomes Moira's compass. Denied the opportunity of motherhood because of her romantic inclinations, she becomes entangled in the upcoming adventure. Joining forces with the fairy, they meet Argus, Pan's son and his companions Lio and Rea. 
The journey leads to Miami, closest to Neverland. Guided by Ione, a purple fairy, they meet Smee in a pub. He recounts his tale and aids their quest. Their path leads them to the decaying Neverland's coast. Amidst the chaos, Ione leads them to Hedone, revealing the island's tragic origin. They must revive Pan to destroy Hecate with Dactyl's weapons. 

Attacked, they gain allies among refugee warriors. In the fishing village, they acquire gear and knowledge. Daphne, Moira's tutor, aids her growth. Guided by Daphne, they locate Peter, weakened by an internal battle. With magic, they free Peter and search for Hook within the crocodile. 
Inside the crocodile, they enter Elysium, where James rests. The group's unity restores Pan's heart. They confront Nike, separate Pan, Peter, and James from within, and escape the underworld. Confronting Hecate, Moira shatters her heart, undoing Neverland's magic. The island collapses, taking Pan and Ione with it.

Months later, Moira and her companions rebuild their lives. They've grown through the ordeal. Meanwhile, Peter and James find themselves in Elysium, reuniting with Audrey. 

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Peter & Hook

The Final Story

Original title: Peter & Haak 
Authors: Dimitri Balcaen & James Barrie
Available languages: Dutch and English
Formats: hardcover, softcover and e-book
Number of pages: 226 
Genre: Fantasy, NA, retelling