Dr Petra Bock is the author of several international bestsellers, a management consultant, and a groundbreaker in European life and business coaching. She is an intellectual pioneer in Europe's German-speaking regions.

Petra Bock was born in 1970 in a small town near Frankfurt am Main. Following her parent's divorce, she and her older brother moved to a county seat in Lower Bavaria in 1980, where they grew up. The conservative atmosphere of Bavaria in the 1980s was challenging the curious and idealistic young women passionate about human rights and politics from an early age. She was driven by one question: how can change lead to improvement, both in her life and society?
In 2008, she founded her academy for coaches in Berlin. Today, the company is considered one of the foremost addresses for professional coaching seminars and advanced education programs. 


The author devoted the first decade of the twenty-first century to developing her award-winning method, which helps individuals and organizations break free from internal barriers and achieve success. She exclusively teaches this method at her academy to advanced coaches, therapists, and leaders, while continuing to refine and develop it. 
In addition to her work as a highly sought-after coach, speaker, and trainer, she is currently dedicating her time to a significant project centred on the theory of human thinking and the development processes she has created.

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The Deconflicted Human

der entstörte mensch

Join Petra Bock in decoding an entire epoch's blockade code and learn how to benefit directly from a new, uncluttered way of thinking. This will elevate you and others to new levels of inspiration, allowing you to see everything you have known with a fresh perspective.

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Petra Bock - Der entstörte Mensch


How we sabotage ourselves, and how we can prevent it

Self-sabotage is a common occurrence we experience daily, often without realizing it. We may prioritize pleasing others over our needs or blame ourselves excessively. MINDFUCK is a technique that helps to break free from these patterns and discover a new way of thinking. 

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Petra Bock - Mindfuck

Mindfuck the Coaching Manual

Mindfuck das coaching

This in-depth textbook guides you through overcoming situational mindfucks, such as speech or test anxiety, and blocks in dealing with certain people. It also includes a chapter on overcoming chronic mindfucks, like staying in the wrong job, money problems, feeling undeserving of a good life, and enduring conflicts.

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Petra Bock - Mindfuck Coaching

Mindfuck Love

How we sabotage our love life, and how we can prevent it

Are we responsible for sabotaging the best things in life, including love and relationships? Through practical coaching examples and specific instructions, Petra Bock guides readers towards cultivating a powerful and healthy perspective on the most desirable thing in the world: love.

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Petra Bock - Mindfuck Love

Mindfuck Job

You are the one to determine the boundaries of your own success

Petra Bock applies her successful MINDFUCK method to career development, demonstrating how we can free ourselves from a downward spiral and find satisfaction at work. The German Speakers Association (GSA) awarded this book Coaching Book of the Year.

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Petra Bock - Mindfuck Job

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Be cautious! Regardless of your proficiency at your job, comparing yourself to others, belittling yourself, and putting excessive pressure on yourself is self-sabotage. This is a significant issue among women, and Dr Petra Bock will help you identify these 'career killers' and teach you how to stop them.



The author has performed profound research into the phenomenon of mental self-sabotage and describes seven types of it.

Petra Bock is playing in the coaching premier league.
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