A Dog Called Money

Ein Hund namens Money

A Dog Called Money is a pioneer act that was long overdue: It pulls down the barricades of prejudice. In doing so, it allows us to see more clearly. Entrepreneurship is not child labour: It is a game, brim-full of excitement. It is anything but monotonous; it can both surprise us and release our creative energies. This is the first book on the subject of money written for children. It doesn’t lecture; it gives children a chance to venture into the world of a grown-up activity that was previously off-limits; dealing with money. The touching story about Money, the talking Labrador, shares tried-and-tested secrets about money that are easily understandable by children and adults alike.

Plot Summary
Kira, a 12 year old girl, lives in poverty, and her parents constantly argue about their shortage of money. One day, Kira finds an injured Labrador and takes him home. But whoever thought that a regular dog would be a financial genius? Through the friendship that Kira and Money build up, Kira realizes that you really can make your dreams come true.

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A Dog Called Money Published in 30 
languages, 7 million 
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Original title: Ein Hund namens Money
First published by Lentz Verlag
14th edition: 2016: Bodo Schäfer Akademie
Hardcover with illustrations – 228 pages
Author: Bodo Schäfer
ISBN 978-3-936135-49-7