Bodo Schäfer, born in Cologne in 1960, is a renowned financial expert, author, and speaker. His exceptional books on wealth-building, success, and strategic positioning have become worldwide bestsellers, impacting millions of readers globally.

Among his notable works is The Road to Financial Freedom, a magnum opus that has sold over 10 million copies and has been translated into more than 35 languages. Bodo Schäfer is also the creative mind behind the first and most successful financial book for children, A Dog Called Money, inspiring young readers to embrace financial literacy from a young age.

At 26, Bodo Schäfer was hit by a financial crisis when his trading company became heavily indebted. With the guidance of his mentors, he devised and implemented ingenious strategies that enabled him to clear his debts and live off the interest he earned within just four years. Fuelled by his newfound financial freedom, Bodo became determined to help others achieve the same success. 

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In his latest and most personal book, Bodo Schäfer addresses the most crucial question: "How can we learn to become self-confident?" The author shares an engaging narrative about the transformative power of four simple words: I can do it.

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Bodo Schäfer - Ich Kann Das.

Ein Hund namens Money

A Dog Called Money

The book chronicles the journey of Kira, a twelve-year-old girl, as she experiences a life-changing shift in her perspective towards money and herself. While the book was initially intended for children, its simple and heartfelt story has captivated numerous adults as well. 

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Bodo Schäfer - A Dog Called Money

Der Weg zur finanziellen Freiheit

The Road to Financial Freedom

This comprehensive guide emphasizes the importance of discipline, tools, and financial understanding needed to become wealthy and successful. The author addresses financial prejudices that hold many people back from reaching their full potential. 

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Bodo Schäfer - Der Weg zur Finanziellen Freiheit

Die Gesetze der Gewinner

The Winners' Laws

We all desire a fulfilling and successful life but often feel unsatisfied with our progress. In this book, Bodo Schäfer draws upon his coaching expertise to develop 30 tried-and-tested strategies that foster personal and professional success.

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Bodo Schäfer - Die Gesetze der Gewinner

Kira und der Kern des Donuts

Kira and the Core of the Donut

Money, the talking dog, is back in this highly anticipated sequel to the bestselling book, A Dog Called Money. Readers will once again join Kira and her lovable Labrador, Money, on an exciting adventure in America. 

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Bodo Schäfer - Kira und der Kern des Donuts

Mentale Alchemie

Mental Alchemy

For centuries, alchemists were known for their ability to turn base materials into gold. Mental Alchemy operates on a similar principle: it allows you to transform inhibiting thoughts into golden opportunities.

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Bodo Schäfer - Mentale Alchemie

Endlich mehr verdienen

Finally Earn More

Bodo Schäfer shares his insights on becoming more successful at work and increasing income. The book covers various core aspects, including how to make the job flow work for you, position yourself as an expert, and find a job that aligns with your talents. 

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Bodo Schäfer - Endlich Mehr Verdienen

Leading Simple

The ability to lead is a crucial factor in achieving success in life. With effective leadership, we can avoid falling short of our potential and settling for mediocrity. Leading Simple presents a practical leadership system that stands out for its clarity and precision.

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Bodo Schäfer - Leading Simple

Geld tut Frauen richtig gut

Money does Wonders for Women

Women often rely too heavily on others for financial matters or pay too little attention to them. Enough of that! Here is the ultimate book that modern and committed women have been waiting for: A comprehensive guide to managing finances.

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Bodo Schäfer - Geld Tut Frauen Richtig Gut

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Bodo Schäfer shakes things up. He shares practical knowledge that can be implemented immediately. 



Bodo Schäfer is Europe's leading Money Coach!

Bodo Schäfer is a source of inspiration for people who aspire to shape their own future.
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