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Dr. Petra Bock (Berlin, 1970) is public speaker, author, and management advisor, and one of the most remarkable coaches in Germany. She has written numerous books, and has been prominent in broadcast, television and media for many years.

Petra Bock is one of the leading coaches in Germany. She examined the root cause of the phenomenon of mental self-sabotage. She invites you to join her on a virtual journey through your thoughts, as she sketches a fascinating psychograph of our time. She shows us how mental blocks are created and why we have them, what they reveal about ourselves and how we can overcome them to achieve our true potential, and immediately and lastingly improving our lives. The MINDFUCK® Method is a completely new approach to coaching, which helps people reach new levels of inner freedom, self-efficacy and quality of life. Her avant-garde MINDFUCK approach earned her the German Coaching Award in the highest category in 2012, usually only awarded for major Lifetime Achievements to more senior colleagues.

Petra Bock currently lives and works in Berlin. She is one of the progressive thinkers of a new generation for whom success and achievement are inseparably linked to common sense, values, and quality of life. The political scientist earned a doctorate from the University of Berlin for her discussion of changes to political systems in the past century.







Der entstörte Mensch


A Selection of Petra Bock in the Media

In her book, Petra Bock does not give instructions – but by asking her questions, every reader will be able to understand their own thoughts and goals much better.
DIE WELT, German newspaper

The author has performed profound research into this phenomenon, and describes seven types of mental self-sabotage.
MANAGER Magazine

This book inspires us to reflect on the meaningful things in life. It is a very illuminating, stimulating and exciting time-out from everyday life.
ARGUS Medienbeobachtung

What is Mindfuck?

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Author Petra Bock
September 29, 2017

Petra Bock