Mindfuck Job

A new generation's award-winning success manual

Mindfuck Job is a guide to unlocking your full professional potential by removing self-sabotaging roadblocks. The German Speakers Association (GSA) awarded this book Coaching Book of the Year. 

Petra Bock applies her successful MINDFUCK® method to the urgent topic of career development, demonstrating how we can free ourselves from a downward spiral and find satisfaction at work. Drawing on her vast practical experience and groundbreaking theory of human potential impairment and interference suppression, the author explains in intricate detail how we can identify and remove the barriers that prevent us from achieving our career goals. 

If you want to fast-track your career success and improve your quality of life, this book provides practical guidance on overcoming self-sabotage and finding greater fulfilment in your work.

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Petra Bock - Mindfuck Job
Petra Bock - Mindfuck Job
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Petra Bock - Mindfuck Job

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Mindfuck Job

Original title: MINDFUCK JOB – So beenden Sie Selbstblockaden und entfalten Ihr volles berufliches Potenzial
Hardcover, 256 pages
Author: Petra Bock