Mindfuck the Coaching Manual

Mindfuck das Coaching

Mindfuck The Coaching Manual is a comprehensive self-coaching book that offers readers the successful MINDFUCK approach to understanding essential issues in life. Divided into three sections, this in-depth textbook guides you through overcoming situational mindfucks, such as speech or test anxiety, and blocks in dealing with certain people. The book also includes a chapter on overcoming chronic mindfucks, like staying in the wrong job, money problems, feeling underserving of a good life, and enduring conflicts. 

This award-winning method for overcoming mental self-sabotage is presented in a groundbreaking three-step approach to live a mindfuck-free life. Dr Petra Bock reveals effective strategies to unfetter you from old thinking patterns and fully utilize your unique potential. The book includes numerous highly effective coaching units and exciting exercises to help you overcome mental roadblocks and improve your life. 

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Petra Bock - Mindfuck Coaching
Petra Bock - Mindfuck Coaching

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Mindfuck the Coaching Manual

Original title: MINDFUCK DAS COACHING – Wie Sie mentale Selbstsabotage überwinden
Original language: German
Number of pages: 272 
Author: Petra Bock