Mindfuck Love

How we sabotage our love life, and how we can prevent it

Are we the ones responsible for sabotaging the best things in life? Petra Bock first applies her MINDFUCK method to love and relationships for the first time, showing us how we ourselves could be obstructing our feelings and connections.
“I always get up on the wrong side of...”, “There’s no such thing as my dream woman...”, “If you loved me, you would...” There’s nothing else in this world that we waste more potential on than love. It’s no wonder. MINDFUCK comes into play when we block out ourselves and others with discouraging thoughts.

Petra Bock applies her radical MINDFUCK® method to love and relationships, showing us how we can free ourselves from the negative spiral to achieve our full potential in love. After all, we are the ones who set our boundaries when it comes to love.

MINDFUCK LOVE contains various examples of everyday coaching practice and numerous specific tips and instructions for a powerful and healthy perspective on the most desirable thing in the world: LOVE!

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Petra Bock - Mindfuck Love
Petra Bock - Mindfuck Love
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Petra Bock - Mindfuck Love

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Mindfuck Love

Original title: MINDFUCK LOVE – Wie wir uns in der Liebe selbst sabotieren
First published in 2014 by Droemer Knaur
Hardcover, 240 pages
Author: Petra Bock
ISBN: 978-3-426-65547-4