Der entstörte Mensch

We are on the verge of a huge innovation push. Technically, economically and politically. But above all, humanly. We are currently seeing how complex and fragile our world is - both our internal and external world - and that we are no longer getting anywhere with our current strategies. No species learn faster than humans. And no species has more to learn. We will reinvent ourselves.

Human thinking has been shaped by need, scarcity and competition for centuries, disrupting humane development at an early stage. This way of thinking no longer fits into our modern world and continuously produces new problems that we want to solve. It causes us to lose our orientation and to meet our personal and social challenges in the wrong way or not at all.
The good news is that it is possible to deconflict. Petra Bock shows how external progress can finally be followed by fundamental human progress. This way, we can realise our potential, gain real quality of life for the first time and tackle the big problems of our time with courage, creativity and determination.

Crack the blockade code of an entire epoch with Petra Bock and learn how you can profit directly from a new, uncluttered way of thinking. An inspiration that will make you see everything you have known so far with different eyes. This results to take yourself and others to a new level.

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Petra Bock - Der entstörte Mensch

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Der entstörte Mensch

Original title: Der entstörte Mensch –
Wie wir uns und die Welt verändern

Published by Droemer Verlag 1st edition 2020
Hardcover, 311 pages
Author: Petra Bock
ISBN 978-3-426-27691-4