The Deconflicted Human

Der entstörte Mensch

The Deconflicted Human is a self-assured and scientifically sound work that provides a new perspective on our humanity, which has also been tested in the field. Although not yet mainstream, it deserves to be so, as it promotes new and more humane ways of thinking that can benefit us all. As a philosophical treatise, it presents a positive vision for future generations in a world still mired in negativity. Simultaneously, it offers practical utopian ideas, drawing from coaching and psychology, that individuals from all backgrounds can implement today. The book challenges conventional perspectives and encourages readers to break free from old thought patterns, promoting open discourse, particularly across ideological divides. 

Join Petra Bock in decoding an entire epoch's blockade code and learn how to benefit directly from a new, uncluttered way of thinking. This will elevate you and others to new levels of inspiration, allowing you to see everything you have known with a fresh perspective.

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Petra Bock - Der entstörte Mensch

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The Deconflicted Human

Original title: Der entstörte Mensch –
Wie wir uns und die Welt verändern

Original language: German
Number of pages: 311
Author: Petra Bock