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Bodo Schäfer

Bodo Schäfer was born in Cologne (Germany) on September 10, 1960. At age 16, he emigrated to the USA. After attending high school in California, he attended university in San Francisco (USA) and Ciudad de México (Mexico City) to study law. He faced a personal crisis when he was 26: His trading company was in financial crisis and he had a great deal of debt.

Bodo Schäfer developed a personal strategy that he implemented with the help of his mentors. Within four years he managed to pay off his debts and live on the interest he earned. Bodo Schäfer decided to share his knowledge with other people. He started by developing a series of seminars with an exceptional concept: combining the issues of financial planning and leadership with strategies for personal success. The goal is to enable seminar participants to achieve financial independence and build themselves a solid fortune.

His global bestseller DER WEG ZUR FINANZIELLEN FREIHEIT (THE ROAD TO FINANCIAL FREEDOM) has sold 7 million copies around the world, and is based on his own experiences and his belief that “wealth is our birthright”. His extraordinary and entertaining way of speaking about finances makes sure his seminars are sold-out events. Every year more than 100,000 extremely enthusiastic people attend his lectures. Bodo Schäfer has been a valued expert and interesting guest at several talk shows.

The author lives alternately in Florida and Cologne.


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A Selection of Bodo Schäfer in the Media

Bodo Schäfer reveals tested secrets for building a fortune, and provides easy, instant, and effective techniques for putting money to use.
WELT am Sonntag – German newspaper

Bodo Schäfer is Europe’s Money Coach!
STERN Magazine

Bodo Schäfer is ‘hot’… Only the ones with a positive attitude towards money become rich!
ELLE Magazine

Join the club of the wealthy… Golden tips of a self-made millionair.
Men’s Health Magazine

Today Bodo Schäfer provides the solution for every person who wants to become rich.
SAT 1 – German national TV-channel

Finally someone who knows how YOU can become rich!
Management Team – Business magazine


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Author Bodo Schäfer
September 30, 2017

Bodo Schäfer