Leading Simple

Leading Simple suggests the effective rules of success that change your life!
In this book, you’ll find an unique system that helps you achieve success in any sphere of life. It includes easy and realizable tips that will lead you to a better and happier life. You’ll learn how to succeed in your career and relationships with other people.
This book can be useful not only for experienced managers, but also for those people who feel leader potential though still can’t realize it.

The book includes:

  • The five tasks – what a leader has to do
  • The five tools – what a leader needs to do it
  • The five principles – how a leader can do it

The book is written in simple and clear language. It’s a compelling story based on the true events of one of the authors, Boris Grundl – described in the story as ‘Louis’. Despite the fact that he was paralyzed after a failed base jump, he has managed to achieve success in sports, having become a Paralympic Games competitor! His example has inspired many people to follow Leading Simple.

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Bodo Schäfer - Leading Simple
Bodo Schäfer - Leading Simple

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Leading Simple 

Original title: Leading Simple
Published by GABAL Verlag
Hardcover, 9th edition: 2013, 192 pages
Author: Bodo Schäfer & Boris Grundl
ISBN 978-3-89749-708-5