Finally Earn More

Endlich mehr verdienen

In his book, bestselling author Bodo Schäfer describes how you can become more successful in your work. And your income is just one factor.
Other core aspects are: how you can make the job flow work for you, how you can successfully position yourself as an expert, how to find a job that you enjoy and matches your talents, what the rules of success in the information age are, and more.
The book reveals how you can increase your income right now, and achieve satisfaction and fulfilment in your job.
How do you fancy earning 20% more right now or within a year at the latest? In his book, Bodo Schäfer explains the clear rules and reliable strategies that can increase your income in an amazingly short time – whether you’re an employee, freelancer, or entrepreneur.

  • How to find work that you enjoy and really matches your skills
  • How to increase your income by 20% in year 1 and by 100% within three years
  • Why you should quickly forget what your parents and teachers told you
  • How to get more out of salary negotiations with the boss
  • How to gain lucrative customers as a freelancer
  • How to achieve job security
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Bodo Schäfer - Endlich Mehr Verdienen
Bodo Schäfer - Endlich Mehr Verdienen
Bodo Schäfer - Endlich Mehr Verdienen

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Finally Earn More 

Original title: Endlich mehr verdienen –
20% mehr Einkommen in einem Jahr

First published in 2004 by dtv
Fully revised edition 2018: Bodo Schäfer Akademie
Author: Bodo Schäfer
ISBN 9783423341158