Mental Alchemy

Mentale Alchemie

We all have our worries and problems sometimes. But do you efficiently manage to turn these challenges into happy moments and experiences?
For centuries, alchemists had the reputation of being able to turn base material into gold. Mental Alchemy does precisely that: with its help, you can transform inhibiting thoughts into golden opportunities.
There are three main challenges in life: nothing inhibits us as much as our fears, problems, and temptation to give up. We encounter these three challenges again and again. However, we must learn to transform this ‘base material’ of our lives into gold, as this is how we unlock our true potential.
This book will show you simple ways to turn fears and problems into gold. You will learn to harness the power of mental alchemy.

  • 20 practical, instant remedies for worries and fears
  • How to learn to persevere  
  • How to turn problems into gold 
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Bodo Schäfer - Mentale Alchemie
Bodo Schäfer - Mentale Alchemie
Bodo Schäfer - Mentale Alchemie
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Bodo Schäfer - Mentale Alchemie

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Mental Alchemy 

Original title: Mentale Alchemie – So verwandeln
Sie Ängste, Probleme und die Versuchung
aufzugeben in goldene Chancen.

First published by Bodo Schäfer Akademie GmbH in 2018
Paperback, 181 pages
Author: Bodo Schäfer
ISBN: 978-3-936135-89-3