MAGINK is a group of tall kids who never want to grow up. When you get older, you usually forget about your childhood and everything you used to love about it. That’s why we strongly believe only kids can write for kids.

We are meticulous about the topics we choose, and we do our best to put our ideas into words in the most creative and magically interesting way possible. 
MAGINK Publishing House offers the most interesting, creative, and colourful books for children all over the world. MAGINK was established in Germany in 2019. Our publishing house does magic by only using ordinary letters of the alphabet.

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A Dream Journey to Japan

Louis’ family is going to have an exciting trip to Japan, but Louis is distracted by something else during the whole trip. Can you guess what it is?

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Magink Books - A Dream Journey to Japan

Do Not Mess with the Circle of Life

What would it be like if there was no death in the world at all?

This heartwarming and fun-toread picture book teaches young curious minds how hard life would be that way. One of the biggest questions children have is about “death”, and one of the biggest struggles they (even adults) may face is family loss and death acceptance.

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Magink Books - Do not Mess with the Circle of Life

Everyone has one!

A stunning picture book to help you explain the origin of the Navel to your young beloved kids

Has your child ever asked you what the purpose of the belly button is? This is the story of an amazing discovery about an important part of our body and our origins.

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Magink Books - Everyone Has One

Great as a Button

A beautifully illustrated picture book for children on the empowering adventures of this little character.

Have you ever questioned your creation and identity? What are we good at?! The black plastic button of this story wants to know the answer to this question and tries many different places and positions, but fits nowhere; finally, he is placed as an eye of a snowman; and yes, he looks great there.

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Magink Books - Great as a Button
Here We Are with Our Magical Ink to Create Changes in Kids' World