A Dream Journey to Japan 

Louis’ family is going to have an exciting trip to Japan, but Louis is distracted by something else during the whole trip. Can you guess what it is?
Parents have many struggles with their children overusing their tablets and computer games, and they would love to know how they can manage their kids’ screen time. “A Dream Journey to Japan” is about a family trip full of excitement; of course for the parents! Since their son has his eyes fixed on his tablet all along the trip, he misses a lot. The story implicitly shows what a beautiful world there is outside the tablet and how you may easily miss so much fun and adventure if you do not put a limit on digital games and screen time.

Key Selling Points

  • The impact of digital media on children’s life has been magnificently illustrated in this book.
  • A book to help children understand the role of time management in using such media.
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Magink Books - A Dream Journey to Japan

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A Dream Journey to Japan

Ages: 8-12
Pub Date: June 2020
Size: W 23 x H 31.6 cm ( 9 x 12.4 in )
Available in English and German
Author: Payam Ebrahimi
Format: Hardcover - Paperback - eBook
ISBN (EN): 978-3-96656-012-2