Great as a button

A beautifully illustrated picture book for children on the empowering adventures of this little character.

Have you ever questioned your creation and identity? What are we good at?! The black plastic button of this story wants to know the answer to this question and tries many different places and positions, but fits nowhere; finally, he is placed as an eye of a snowman; and yes, he looks great there. Great as a button tells us there is a purpose for our creation, and whatever we look like and how simple and ordinary we may be, we can look great if we find our place. If parents need to cope with their children’s self-esteem and self-confidence, this is a story to read.

Key Selling Points

  • It helps kids in understanding self-scrutiny, self-awareness and identity, and recognizing emotions and feelings.
  • Includes high quality and creative illustrations, along with wonderful characterization.
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Magink Books - Great as a Button

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Great as a Button

Ages: 4-8
Pub Date: September 2019
Size: W 24.3 x H 26.2 cm (9.6 x 10.3 in)
Available in English and German
Author: Masoud Malekyari
Format: Hardcover - Paperback - eBook
ISBN (EN): 978-3-96656-002-3