The Observatory

The Eighty-ninth Witch

Part 1 of 4

Seren Rowland, an Irish coastal resident, craves companionship after a childhood overshadowed by loss. One night, she witnesses moving stars and embarks on an unexpected adventure. Guided by her grandmother's encouragement, Seren discovers a world of magic on the Cassiterides, home of The Observatory.

Joining Quinn, Kinsley, and Grace, Seren learns they ar the new generation of witches entrusted with safeguarding humanity. However, an anomaly arises when they're numbered as the 89th witches instead of the customary 88. Amid their training, the search for the 89th Witch commences, shrouded in an ancient prophecy. 
As the girls delve into their roles, secrets and tensions surface. The discovery of their unique Familiars, mystical allies reflecting their inner selves, unveils hidden truths. Suspicion grows when Noctua, Seren's Familiar, raises doubts about Zoe's intentions, sparking a clash that reveals an infiltrator. 

Seren and her friends embark on a challenging quest in the domain of Virgo to prove their worthiness. As they confront personal struggles and unveil their constellations' powers, a battle against the infiltrator ensues. Guided by Seren's bravery and supported by unexpected allies, they must face a powerful adversary who threatens the very heart of the Observator. 

In the climactic confrontation, Seren's compassion touches the infiltrator's heart, revealing a path to redemption. Sacrifices are made, lives are forever changed, and the Observatory is restored. Seren's journey of self-discovery and the bonds she forms with her friends reshape their destinies, affirming the strength of unity and the enduring magic within and around them.

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The Observatory

Original title: De Sterrenwacht - De negenentachtigste heks
Author: Dimitri Balcaen
Available languages: Dutch and English
Formats: hardcover, softcover and e-book
Number of pages: 235
Genre: Fantasy, YA