Monika Matschnig was born in Villach, Austria, 1974. Between 1987 and 1997, she played in the Austrian National Volleyball Team. In 2001 Monika completed her studies in psychology at the Karl Franzens University in Graz.

Back then, she realised that if you want to win, you have to keep your inner attitude in harmony with your physical expression. Radiating confidence, evaluating the other person, giving the right signals at the right moment: all these are essential in sport as well as in your working and private life. These insights still influence Monika Matschnig’s work today. She loves taking the stage and inspiring enthusiasm for her philosophy of success.

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Körpersprache. Macht. Erfolg.

Body Language: The Key to Success

In this descriptive practical guide, Monika Matschnig shows how to increase our personality’s effectiveness at work. Covering subjects from job interviews, presentations, and sales negotiations to managers’ persuasive impact and the use of body language in an intercultural context, she gives valuable practical tips for increasing our effectiveness and highlights potential pitfalls.

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Monika Matschnig - Körpersprache macht erfolg

Monika Matschnig
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K. Schneider

Hilton Vienna

It was a very intensive 1.5 days, and everything worked out wonderfully: over 140 employees were able to experience Ms Matschnig’s wisdom over the three sessions and be guided through the world of body language. We are all tremendously impressed and fascinated by the way you communicate and the expertise you bring. Great all around.

S. Safadi

Siemens AG

Many thanks for your impressive presentation and inspiring presence at our workshop on Friday. I was captivated, interested and entertained and would have loved to hear more. I also received positive feedback for your presentation from the participants.

This Austrian author is a professional body language coach – and one of the best in Germany today...
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