Body Language: The Key to Success

Körpersprache. Macht. Erfolg.

Today, our professional lives depend more than ever on our personalities. Knowledge and expertise alone are of little use if we fail to present ourselves as likeable, compelling people. The deciding factor in this regard is body language, since our attitude, facial expressions and gestures enable us to communicate constantly and on a largely unconscious level with our bosses, colleagues and customers. We transmit signals that allow them to form an image of us. The good news is that we can exercise significant control over what that image looks like. By training our body language, we can incorporate the decisive touches that strengthen our power of persuasion over others.

As such, a likeable, confident and, above all, persuasive demeanour is a learnable skill. In this descriptive practical guide, Monika Matschnig shows how to increase our personality’s effectiveness at work. Covering subjects from job interviews, presentations, and sales negotiations to managers’ persuasive impact and the use of body language in an intercultural context, she gives valuable practical tips for increasing our effectiveness and highlights potential pitfalls.

Key Selling Points

  • Learn how to present yourself in a persuasive and competent manner
  • Use body language correctly
  • With approx. 100 high-quality black-and-white photos to aid understanding
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Monika Matschnig - Körpersprache macht erfolg

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Body Language: The Key to Success

Original title: Körpersprache. Macht. Erfolg. Wie Sie andere im Beruf überzeugen und begeistern
Published in by GABAL 2019
Paperback, 224 pages
Author: Monika Matschnig
ISBN 978-3-86936-906-8