Ilja Grzeskowitz (born 1975 in Berlin) is one of Germany’s top public speakers. He is an author, trainer, and lecturer at the University of Economics and Law in Berlin.

Ilja Grzeskowitz walks his talk, when he speaks about change. After graduating with an MBA in economics and marketing, he started as a store manager for one of the largest retail companies in Germany: Karstadt. Despite many organizational changes, heavy staff reduction, and closings of locations, he managed to develop motivated teams, which generated great results.

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Mach es einfach!

Think it. Do it. Change it.

Grzeskowitz reveals the biggest motivational myths, announces the comeback of values, and shows you the most important characteristic that will help you to actively implement the necessary changes in business and in life. Think it. Do it. Change it. helps you live a life characterized by possibilities rather than limitations.

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Ilja Grzeskowitz - Mach es Einfach

Let’s talk about change, baby!

A motivation manifesto for entrepreneurs, mavericks and everybody, who wants to become one

It isn’t business as usual any more! We’ve known it all along. That’s why there are hardly any companies where change isn’t high up on the agenda. But nobody really knows how sustainable change works. There are only two alternatives in these times of continuous disruption: We can hop on board the train of change or we can get left behind on the platform. We can either change ourselves or disappear from the market.

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Ilja Grzeskowitz - Let’s Talk About Change, Baby!

Radikal Menschlich

The Changemaker Mindset

What does it mean to lead a successful life when our living and working conditions are constantly changing? In an age when change is becoming the norm? The digital revolution, augmented reality, artificial intelligence – all complex phenomena of our time – are not only revolutionizing the way we live and work, but are challenging us to redefine what personal success means.

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Ilja Grzeskowitz - Radikal Menschlich

Ilja Grzeskowitz
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Ilja Grzeskowitz is one of the top speakers of a new generation. He is the author of multiple books, and a trainer and lecturer at the Berlin School of Economics and Law. He was the youngest CEO for a large retail group in Germany. He is considered the pioneer of a leadership philosophy that is based on personality and a positive attitude.

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Mach es einfach! by Ilja Grzeskowitz is a wonderfully told and easy to read book for all those lacking the courage to break out of a greatly dissatisfying situation. This book is a great encouragement to simply try.

Grzeskowitz truly knows how to bring his readers back to reality without beating around the bush, how to hold up a mirror to them and then let them take a deep breath. What follows is exciting ideas and tips for better and more efficiently dealing with our most valuable resource – our lives.