The Changemaker Mindset

Radikal Menschlich

What does it mean to lead a successful life when our living and working conditions are constantly changing? In an age when change is becoming the norm? The digital revolution, augmented reality, artificial intelligence – all complex phenomena of our time – are not only revolutionizing the way we live and work, but are challenging us to redefine what personal success means. Only those who focus on their individual personality and all their strengths and weaknesses in their efforts will be able to succeed in the markets of tomorrow, which will be marked by uncertainty, disruption, and increasing complexity. Although technology seems to dominate our everyday lives, humans will still be the most important factor for success in the years to come.

In his inspiring and motivating new book, packed with stories, anecdotes and specific tools you can use yourself, he focuses on the three major aspects of motivation: motive, human input, and action.
It’s never been more crucial to ask ourselves what drives us, what makes sense to us. And we have never been more dependent on our relationships with others. Nobody can win on their own. Going it alone is a thing of the past. Ilja Grzeskowitz shows us how to succeed and why we shouldn’t be afraid of the future, drawing on specific tips and stories in this positive, energizing book.

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Ilja Grzeskowitz - Radikal Menschlich

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The Changemaker Mindset

Original title: Radikal Menschlich - Erfolgsfaktor
Persönlichkeit in Zeiten der Veränderung

GABAL Verlag: 2018
Author: Ilja Grzeskowitz
224 pages
ISBN 978-3-86936-870-2