Leading Simple

Published in 8 languages

Leading Simple tells the extraordinary story of Louis, who – in spite of his unfortunate circumstances – became a successful leader. With this story, the system of Leading Simple is presented in easily applicable step-by-step increments. Personal growth, efficiency, and joy at your place of work will be the result!

• Five things a leader must do
• Five tools a leader has to work with
• Five principles of how a leader should perform

This book is the result of collaboration between bestselling author Bodo Schäfer and Boris Grundl, a successful German entrepreneur, who had to learn to live with a spinal cord injury following a tragic accident.

Original title: LEADING SIMPLE
Published by: GABAL Verlag
Hardcover: 9th editon: 2013, 192 pages
Author: Bodo Schäfer & Boris Grundl
ISBN: 978-3-89749-708-5

  • Release: August 31, 2017