A stunning picture book to help you explain the origin of the Navel to your young beloved kids.

Has your child ever asked you what the purpose of the belly button is? This is the story of an amazing discovery about an important part of our body and our origins.

Everyone has a bellybutton, but what is it for? Children are curious about their bodies. The belly button seems to be useless so let’s help them realize otherwise. A common problem for this range of age is separation anxiety and dependency on the parents; this story tries to tell them that they can’t be connected to their Moms all the time and they need to get separated at a point in time, but the bellybutton would always be a hidden link between them and their Moms.

Key Selling Points:
• This is the coolest way to show separation anxiety and how people feel about independence. Kids would also get more familiar with their bodies and how the fetus is fed before birth.

Ages: 3-8
Published by: MAGINK (2020)
Author: Clara Matas Nadal
Illustrator: Roser Matas Nadal
Format: Hardcover, Paperback, e-book
ISBN 978-3-96656-028-3
Available in English and German

  • Release: April 9, 2021