Ein Hund namens Money

Published in 23 languages, more than 4 million copies sold


A DOG CALLED MONEY is a pioneer act that was long overdue: It pulls down the barricades of prejudice. In doing so, it allows us to see more clearly. Entrepreneurship is not child labor: It is a game, brim-full of excitement. It is anything but monotonous; it can both surprise us and release our creative energies. This is the first book on the subject of money written for children. It doesn’t lecture; it gives children a chance to venture into the world of a grown-up activity that was previously off-limits – namely, dealing with money. The book is written as a captivating novel, suitable for children.

Plot Summary
Kira, a 12 year old girl, wastes all of her little pocket money. She lives in poor circumstances, and her parents constantly argue about the shortage of money. As a result, Kira is upset by the subject of finances, and wants to avoid it. Then she rescues a stray dog, and the dog, in gratitude, reveals its ability to talk. The dog seems to have an in-depth knowledge of finances.


First published by: Lentz Verlag
10th edition: 2013
Hardcover with illustrations: 228 pages
Author: Bodo Schäfer
ISBN: 978-3-936135-49-7

  • Release: September 5, 2017
Book a dog called money