What would it be like if there was no death in the world at all? This heartwarming and fun-to-read picture book teaches young curious minds how hard life would be that way.

One of the biggest questions children have is about “death”, and one of the biggest struggles they (even adults) may face is family loss and death acceptance. Ribo’s uncle was eaten by a snake, and he is so sad. He finds out that this all happened because of the circle of life, so he decided to destroy it. But this adds to his problems since no one dies after the circle of life has been destroyed. With the help of the fun and amazing illustrations, “Do Not Mess with the Circle of Life” tries to explain why we die and what happens if we don’t. Children can easily understand what the Circle of Life means at the end of the story.

Key Selling Points:
• Tries to increase death acceptance and help children cope with a family bereavement.
• Perfectly familiarizes children with the circle of life.

Ages: 6-9
Published by: MAGINK (2019)
Author: Masoud Malekyari
Illustrator: Roser Matas Nadal
Format: Hardcover, Paperback, e-book
ISBN 978-3-96656-004-7
Available in English and German

  • Release: April 9, 2021