The story of protagonist Ahmet is increasingly gripping. At a young age, after joining a criminal organization, he becomes involved in illegal transactions. When things seem to be at their best, Ahmet meets a young woman. The pair is married, which makes Ahmet want to change his life and leave behind his criminal ways.

However, what is to come is only the beginning of his misfortune. Those who do not want Ahmet to leave this life behind set a huge trap for him. He is soon arrested and receives a harsh sentence. Around the same time, his wife gives birth to a beautiful daughter but tragically loses her own life during childbirth. The baby is taken to an orphanage, and Ahmet receives no news of her.

During his eight years in prison, Ahmet becomes an avid book reader. When he is released, he wants to find his daughter and give her a good life. Just as he tracks her down, he loses her again in a way he could never have imagined. Moreover, his release comes just before the 1980 fascist coup – a time when terror reigns like never before. Ahmet’s misfortune continues; the stories he put together in prison, which have not yet been published, are seen as communist propaganda, and he brutally tortured before returning to prison. It is for his reason that the book is thus titled “A Farewell to Freedom”.

  • Release: April 9, 2021