Tobias learned that life isn‘t easy at an early age, especially if you lose sight of your strengths. Compared to children, adults need to learn how to find their strengths and to trust them again.

That’s why Tobias decided to work at Disney World in his early twenties. Where else, when not at Disney, do adults learn to see the world with the excitement of children? In his host family, in one of Florida’s most socially difficult areas, Tobias learned about one thing: Life. With all of its bright and dark sides. Since then, travelling became the best teacher in life for Tobias, so he never stopped doing it.

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Unbox your Life!

Show me who you surround yourself with, and I’ll tell you who you are!

You’re bound to know a few chronic complainers: people who moan the whole day long, people for whom nothing ever goes right, people who are always the victim. The weather is miserable; it’s Monday, the neighbour has overshot their parking space again and to top it all off, the doughnut has a hole! People like this can overwhelm your environment with their ill-tempered nature.

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Tobias Beck - Unbox Your Life

Unbox your Relationship!

Are you ready to have the best relationships in your life?

In this new book, Tobias Beck takes you on a journey to achieve the best relationships of your life. As a first step, you must fall in love with yourself – because your relationship with yourself determines the standards of compassion, understanding, respect, and trust reflected in your relationships with others.

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Tobias Beck - Unbox Your Relationship

Tobias Beck
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Laura Malina Seiler

Spiegel-Bestseller- Autorin

The greatest success we can ever have in our lives is to open our hearts and have deep relationships that are characterised by love and respect. Tobias Beck shows us how to do this in his wonderful new book Unbox your Relationship! As always, authentic, humorous and helpful.

John Strelecky

#1 Bestselling author of The Why Café and The Big Five for Life

With raw honesty, Tobias shares the struggles he’s dealt with, the paths it has led him down, and the learnings he’s gained from it all. The result is a collection of gems which will help you form an amazing relationship with yourself and others.

Tobias dispenses with the usual motivational chichi; instead, he picks everyone up and touches them.
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