Author of the global bestselling book QUIET IMPACT, Sylvia Löhken is an introvert herself. To be more precise: She is one of those soft-spoken individuals who are rarely recognized as such by others.

Sylvia Löhken has had the privilege of accompanying introverted, intelligent people on their way to greater personal success for many years. She is convinced that introversion and extroversion are highly relevant diversity aspects. After receiving her Ph.D. in linguistics, she worked for 10 years as a manager in Germany and Japan. She is also a certified coach, a S.C.I.L. Master, and a Reiss Profile Master. She writes and publishes regularly about her field.

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Leise Menschen, starke Wirkung

Most literature on business, communication, and success is focused on extroverts, who feel comfortable networking, talking, and being the centre of attention. But at least 30% of the population consists of introverts, and they are now finding their voice.

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Sylvia Löhken - Quiet Impact

The Power of Personality

Intros und Extros

After reading the first part of the book you will know the differences, strengths, priorities, and needs of introverted and extroverted people – and you will know what it means to be a centrovert. The second part illustrates what these differences mean in everyday life and how introverts and extroverts can deal with themselves and others.

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Sylvia Löhken - The Power of Personality

Sylvia Löhken
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Woman’s Way (UK)

28 July 2014 issue

For a long time, we have been told that bigger is better, brash is best and shouting the loudest gets you the goods. But there has been a shift in the zeitgeist towards a more measured approach, and with it comes the rise of the introvert. Sylvia Löhken’s book, Quiet Impact, looks at 10 strengths that introverts display, as well as helping extroverts to understand their quieter counterparts.

Der Spiegel

German magazine

Sylvia Löhken and the Introverts are still causing a stir in the German media scene. The first July issue of Der Spiegel (one of the largest publications of its kind in Europe) includes an article on Introverts and Sylvia Löhken’s book Intros and Extros.

Löhken does not pressurize introverts to change. Her approach is much more useful: emphasize your strengths, and be aware of your challenges.
Financial Times
English newspaper