A Farewell to Freedom

'A Farewell to Freedom' is the first Turkish-language novel by young author Kurtuluş Baştimar, now available as an English translation.

The story of our hero, Ahmet, is a journey of escalating surprises. As a desperate, young transplant, he joins and conquers Istanbul’s criminal underground. Beginning with handfuls of small bills, he soon distinguishes himself as the man to beat. Just as his life feels under control, he meets a woman, falls in love, and decides to leave it all behind. Soon, misfortune builds on misfortune.

Ahmet's fellow bandits, bruisers, and racketeers have no intention of seeing him leave and set a trap. He is soon arrested and slapped with a hard time. Meanwhile, on the outside, Ahmet's new bride dies delivering their beautiful daughter. The baby is taken to an orphanage, and he can get no news of her. During his eight years in prison, Ahmet becomes an avid bookworm and builds tight bonds with dear friends.

Upon his release, he swears to find the daughter he never met and provide them both with the life they deserve. His release comes just before the 1980 fascist coup – a time when terror reigns in Turkey like never before. People of all ages are arrested and thrown into brutal torture chambers. And so Ahmet’s ordeal persists; the stories he’d authored during his time behind bars, just barely published, are labeled communist propaganda, and he is brutally tortured and thrown back in the same cell of the same jail, now a political prisoner.

And thus the title of the book, ‘A Farewell to Freedom’.

For some, life is a drama; for others, a tragedy…

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A Farewell to Freedom

Original title: A Farewell to Freedom
Published by Dreambox
Paperback, 238 pages
Author: Kurtuluş Baştimar
ISBN 978-9-08179-463-3