YEAR OF THE OWL – About wonderment, loss, and resilience

Het Jaar van de Uil

As a public prosecutor, Pascale Bruinen is the epitome of level-headed objectivity, and averse to anything that can’t be explained rationally. But when her elderly father dies, she goes through a deep emotional crisis. In the year following his death she has an intense spiritual experience: a magical event in which an owl plays a special role.

In The year of the owl Pascale Bruinen describes the remarkable things that happened to her after the death of her father. After an intense mourning period she finally managed to overcome the worst of her sadness and grief. Then she had an intense spiritual experience which marked a paradigm shift in her thinking – both in her personal and professional life. Whereas first she would believe nothing until it was proven, since that experience she believes everything until proven otherwise. This magical event has changed her forever.

This personal development process has been of incredible value to her, and above all, it’s made her see herself in a new light, it made her see who she really is. And it was a major catalyst in her decision to leave the Public Prosecution Service and instead go where her heart would take her. So it isn’t just a very comforting and hopeful book, but also a very personal book about a wondrous true story that she likes to share with others.

Pascale Bruinen is an author and speaker. In her first book, Fortunately my first corpse is fresh, she recounts her experiences as public prosecutor.

Original title:
HET JAAR VAN DE UIL – Over verwondering, verlies en veerkracht
Published by: De Fontein in October, 2016
Softcover: 208 pages
Author: Pascale Bruinen
ISBN: 978-9-021-56351-0

  • Release: August 16, 2017
Book year of the owl