Pas op, Michael!

The twelve-year-old animal lover Michael is accused by the police 
for poaching rabbits in a protected wild life area. All evidence points in his direction. Together with his best friend and his little brother he tries to set things straight, but only to get deeper into trouble. There is only one way to prove his innocence; a blunt confrontation with a villain and his helper…

An exciting and heart-warming story about friendship, courage, and doing the right thing, for young readers between the age of seven and twelve.


Original title: Pas op, Michael!
Copyright: 2011 The Rights Company
Author: Ivo Brouwers
Illustrations: Nicole Volbeda
Artworx: Stoere Binken Design, Maastricht
Hardcover: 70 pages
ISBN 978-90-817946-0-2

  • Release: September 1, 2011
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