LUCKILY MY FIRST CORPSE IS FRESH – Experiences of a female prosecutor

Mijn eerste lijk is gelukkig vers

What emotions and doubts hide behind the somber black robes of a public prosecutor?
Pascale Bruinen candidly describes her exciting, intense and sometimes humorous experiences in court, during night shifts, and when she is in charge of criminal investigations by the police. She provides insight into the peculiarities of the suspects, judges and attorneys she encounters in court. She describes cruel and emotionally wrenching encounters with the seamier side of society, such as violent rapes, sexual offences involving young children, and assassinations.

This socially relevant book opens the door to a world that has traditionally been sealed tight. It is a highly personal account, written in an easily accessible style, about her work as a magistrate, her humanity, and motherhood. In endearing fashion, she describes her exciting, intense, poignant and sometimes humorous experiences as a female public prosecutor who is charged with providing leadership in the masculine world of the police force.

Original title:
Published by: De Fontein 2015
Author: Pascale Bruinen
Softcover: 351 pages
ISBN: 978 90 261 3683 2

  • Release: August 16, 2017
Book Fortunately my First Corpse is Fresh