EVERYDAY A LITTLE MIRACLE – The gift of the dolphins

Jeden Tag ein kleines Wunder

Published in 7 languages

Following her son Timmy’s tragic accident, Kirsten Kuhnert transformed her dramatic experiences into something incredible positive. This book is the moving autobiography where she tells the story of what happened since that terrible day.

Her journey, an odyssey with seemingly no end, took them to Florida. Timmy had been “in his own world” for over 15 months when the first miracle happened as he swam with dolphins. With their help, he reached into our world, and laughed loudly… for the first time since the accident. He recovered because Kiki Kuhnert conquered taboos, went beyond limits, refused to accept no for an answer, and, despite every opposition and obstacle, did what seemed to be impossible – revitalized her son, established a charitable organization called “dolphin aid”, and raised several million dollars for the charity.

Since then, nearly one thousand other children with similar health challenges, and their families, have also experienced “little miracles”. By taking action Kiki has given so much to many. She is a beacon – a bright light clearly showing the way and pointing us in the right direction – toward courage, hope, love, strength, success and persistence. Exciting, heart-breaking and helpful for anybody who wants to regain control over his or her life.


Original title: JEDEN TAG EIN KLEINES WUNDER – Das Geschenk der Delphine
First published by: Ariston
New Editon published: in 2014 by dot.books
Author: Kirsten Kuhnert
Hardcover: 253 pages
ISBN: 978-3-95520-461-7

  • Release: June 29, 2017
Book Everyday a Little Miracle