Dansen in de Hemel

A contemporary novel about desire, money, happiness and true love

Dancing in Heaven is the intense life story of two young people struggling with love and death in a world dominated by glamour, money and megalomania. DJ Mishka Kamadev’s desperate search for pure love and commercial success is bogged down by lies and deceit. Greed and materialism distract him from the love he feels for his wife Lisa, who is terminally ill.

There are a few crucial moments in the gripping story Dancing in Heaven when Mishka makes the wrong choices, because he has been blinded by his huge success as a DJ and his newly acquired riches. He thinks he is like a god in a trendy music scene full of malicious gossip and envy, but his fame appears to be fleeting, just like his fortune. His real life – that is, his love for Lisa – becomes troubled. Although she is his only reason for living, he runs away from her again and again, because of his uncontrollable desire for assurance. Mishka is completely tied up with the God of Greed and Fame and forgets about the other God, the one of Love. He lives for the passion of one-night-stands. Initially this only conjures up panic and chaos, and Mishka is lost in self-pity and even has to confront death. When he is finally able to see the ruins of his life, it is almost too late for him and Lisa. In the end, he makes up the balance of his life and appears to have been richly rewarded, but not in money…

How does a person live and survive in a world where the merciless pursuit of money is celebrated, and love is commercially exploited? That is the question Michael Pilarczyk’s first novel tries to answer. Dancing in Heaven is an exceptional story because the author ingeniously merges two totally different worlds: the fake one of big business, and the real one of pure love. Because of the unique and instructive combination of two colliding worlds, and the unexpected ending, Dancing in Heaven is a tremendous top selling success. An outstanding performance by newcomer Michael Pilarczyk.


Original title: DANSEN IN DE HEMEL
Published by: Invictus, May, 2014
Paperback with flaps: 240 pages
Author: Michael Pilarczyk
ISBN 978-90-79679-20-1

  • Release: August 25, 2017
Book dancing in heaven