Author Kirsten Kuhnert

Kirsten Kuhnert

Kirsten Kuhert was born in Germany in 1960. Currently she lives in Florida and divides her time between Florida, Germany, and Curacao.

Because of her love for her son and his story, Kirsten Kuhnert established the charity foundation dolphin aid. With tremendous devotion, and with the help of volunteers, she inspired new hope for the sick children of some 400 families.

Kirsten Kuhnert has received numerous awards for her dedication, including the Federal Cross of Merit, the Award of Excellence of the German American Business Chamber, the Leading Ladies Award and from the “Germany – Land of Ideas” initiative under the patronage of the Federal President.

‘Kiki’ is a person you really should get to know. She has that rare combination of passion and compassion which helps make the world a better place.



Everyday a Little Miracle


Kirsten Kuhnert in the Media

A very candid book filled with emotions.

These 253 pages are full of hope, love, warmth and the joy of life.
FUNKUHR, Germany

All of life comes out of the water, and healing does, too.
Ab40 Magazine, Germany

Reader’s comments

This book was like glue in my hands. It touched me deep inside. A book that everybody should read to learn about the value of hope.
Ralf Moeller, ‘Gladiator’ Actor, Hollywood, USA

A story of great importance to all of us who have children. Kirsten is my real life heroine.
Robby Seeger, Surfing World champion, Hawaii, USA

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Author Kirsten Kuhnert
September 1, 2017

Kirsten Kuhnert