Bodo Schäfer

Author Bodo Schäfer
Bodo Schäfer was born in Cologne (Germany) on September 10, 1960. At age 16, he emigrated to the USA. After attending high school in California, he attended university in San Francisco (USA) and Ciudad de México (Mexico City) to study law. He faced a personal crisis when he was 26: His trading company was in financial crisis and he had a great deal of debt.
Bodo Schäfer developed a personal strategy that he implemented with the help ...

Petra Bock

Author Petra Bock
Dr. Petra Bock (Berlin, 1970) is public speaker, author, and management advisor, and one of the most remarkable coaches in Germany. She has written numerous books, and has been prominent in broadcast, television and media for many years. Petra Bock is one of the leading coaches in Germany. She examined the root cause of the phenomenon of mental self-sabotage. She invites you to join her on a virtual journey through your though...

Ivo Brouwers

Author Ivo Brouwers
Ivo Brouwers (born in 1960) works at the university in his hometown of Maastricht in the Netherlands.
After almost a decade of searching for inner peace, he met his soul mate in 2008 and has lived happily with her and her two sons ever since. The boys let him into their world and were his inspiration for writing this exciting debut novel, suitable for children from age 7 to 12. It is about courage in doing right. The book was a raving...

Kirsten Kuhnert

Author Kirsten Kuhnert
Kirsten Kuhert was born in Germany in 1960. Currently she lives in Florida and divides her time between Florida, Germany, and Curacao.
Because of her love for her son and his story, Kirsten Kuhnert established the charity foundation dolphin aid. With tremendous devotion, and with the help of volunteers, she inspired new hope for the sick children of some 400 families. Kirsten Kuhnert has received numerous aw...

Cordula Nussbaum

Author Cordula Nussbaum
Cordula Nussbaum studied journalism and psychology in Munich and Paris, 
is a qualified coach, and has worked
 as an economic journalist (FOCUS, Wirtschaftswoche, Süddeutsche).
She has written multiple best-selling books and is an expert in high demand in the media world. She is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), the second woman in the German-speaking world to have received this distinction.  


Ilja Grzeskowitz

Author Ilja Grzeskowitz
lja Grzeskowitz (born 1975 in Berlin) is one of Germany’s top public speakers. He is an author, trainer, and lecturer at the University of Economics and Law in Berlin.
Ilja Grzeskowitz walks his talk, when he speaks about change. After graduating as an MBA in economics and marketing he started as a store manager for one of the largest retail companies in Germany: Karstadt. Despite many organizational changes, heavy staff reduction and...

Silvia Löhken

Author Sylvia Loehken
Author of global bestselling book QUIET IMPACT, Sylvia Löhken, is an introvert herself. To be more precise: She is one of those soft-spoken individuals who is rarely recognized as such by others. Sylvia Löhken has had the privilege of accompanying introverted, intelligent people on their way to greater personal success for many years. She is convinced that introversion and extroversion are highly relevant diversity aspects.
After rece...

Michael Pilarczyk

Author Michael Pilarczyk
Michael Pilarczyk (born in1969) is a Dutch author. His debut novel DANCING IN HEAVEN sold over 80,000 copies in the Netherlands to date.
Michael was popular in the Netherlands from 1988 - 2010 as a radio and television personality. At 29 he became a millionaire, but in the financial crisis of 1998, he ended up broke. One year later he founded his first media company in the internet business. After selling Pilarczyk Media Group in 2007 t...

Pascale Bruinen

Author Pascale Bruinen
Pascale Bruinen (born on February 11, 1964) worked as a public prosecutor from 1998 until January 1st 2016. Before that she was an attorney for more than seven years, of which she spent the last years working in the field of personal injury claims. Her professional affinity leaned toward victim support, sexual offences, and domestic violence.
When Pascale discovered how much she loved to write, she started a blog in 2011:
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